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Design Your Own Logo
Get your logo in a matter of seconds.
Use the AI based Brandy platform to design a logo and create your favorite brand. Get the result that you have planned in a matter of seconds.
Use the AI based Brandy platform and get the result that you want in a matter of seconds.
Design your best logo with AI

How It Works
Enter your ideas and information about your business.
Choose the design options you like from our AI.
Get a ready-made logo that you will always be happy with.
Get a Logo
A unique pattern decorates any items of packaging, fabrics, clothing, souvenirs and books.
3. Pattern
The palette consists of a set of colors that perfectly match your new logo.
2. Color palette
Unique logo, created especially for you. High-resolution source files for editing and printing in any size.
1. Logotype
After All You'll Get
Launch the story of your brand right now
Full Access
Full access to Brandy AI and ability to download files
Improve the resulting design, including with the help of professionals.
Access to Brandy AI with limited generations
The Brandy service is able to easily understand what kind of logo design you need based not only on your preferences, but also on market statistics.
Half-word Understanding
The Brandy AI is able to produce hundreds of designs on a given topic in a matter of seconds, which allows you to find the desired logo design in just a few minutes.
Our AI can create many different designs all day long. It does not get tired and creativity never leaves it.
Endless Creativity
Creation Speed
Bring your ideas to life
Realize all your ideas together with Brandy for free. Simple creation process and amazing results of our artificial intelligence.
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